Vienna compound is a residential complex built on a large area suitable for a special community for those looking for a smart life in a sophisticated society. We have endeavored to provide the means to make your stay more comfortable and your family life safer. Choosing Vienna as the best choice for you and your family. To meet the needs of the residents and their comfort, the attractiveness of its design and strategic location in the north-west cooperation district of Riyadh makes it distinctive. We choose the number of units for Vienna pound very carefully to suit all families seeking for excellence which consists of ten villas and one hundred and forty-five apartments in a modern design We have, an open swimming pool, a closed swimming pool, a health club, a restaurant, a coffee shop, children’s playgrounds, a laundry room and a salon for men and women. The pool is surrounded by beautiful gardens equipped with all the security and safety facilities. We are inviting you to experiment the living in Vienna’s compound which some only seek to dream of. Vienna Compound is another project brought to you by Kayan Almashreq Aloula Investment & Real Estate Development Company.   The more I research usage and write about it, the less inclined I am to blast out about anything, especially word pairs like nauseous and nauseated.